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What is vegan?

FIRST LET"S DEFINE VEGETARIAN= An individual who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish, fowl, or, in a more PURE SENSE: any food derived from animals, as eggs or milk.  One who exists primarilly on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grain, etc.

To be vegan means that you do not consume animal products for the purpose of not supporting the rape industry yet also by definition a vegan is one who is on a TRUE-VEGETARIAN diet.  It means that you do not unconsensualy-exploit others.

There is the ideation of not wrongly HARMING another.

You should REALIZE that you do not have the right to MURDER/rape and devour ANOTHER for your own misguided "thought on survival". Something you should also know ~ that by devouring another in a rapeful fashion ~ you will actually be hurting YOUR survival/health in the run of things

It is ethically OK to eat synthetics, some syns may be safe and some may not be.(This is being said based on the fact the syns are ethically derived)

IN "worlds" where you have labeling guidelines and products are labeled ...Concerning the OVERALL COLLECTIVE CHANGE ~ Probably one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you as an INDIVIDUAL can do is, READ the labels : THE INGREDIENTS. Do not buy murdered or raped products. In turn you can support "vegan" products and hope in those product-lines to rise while the non-vegan lines can FADE AWAY or "correct" themselves to become VEGAN.


BE CAREFUL: There are some agencies/information out there who/which CARRY/FRONT  the VEGAN name/word which hold positions which are actually NOT VEGAN



Using "Earth-Worm" compost would NOT be considered "vegan".

Telling someone to "use up" dairy condiments or even hinting to such is not a wise idea, it is NOT VEGAN, someone may take it to the degree of USING UP his entire warehouse SUPPLY of "dairy" and slipping it into foods LABELED as "vegan" under the guise of "vegetarian flavors" or something ...

It could be potentially UNWISE to listen to an agency who tells you to feed a cat meat.  

Forced NEUTERING and SPAYING are NOT vegan practices.

Eating HONEY(stealing from and abusing bees) IS NOT VEGAN.

If you buy a "murdered meat sub" or "raped cheese pizza" for someone else, that would be a non-vegan thing to do. You are still turning the same RAPE wheel you would be if you, yourself bought it for yourself.

If you kiss someone who eats meat that would UNDERMINE your position.... input .... chemistry

We all may have made mistakes along the way once we got onto the VEGAN road, especially if we had no-one to help guide us, the ideation I think would be first to ADMIT our mistakes and consider "recovery-steps" and then move on.  I do not mean to be coming across in any other way than saying this from the perspective of a person who once did RAPEFUL THINGS TO OTHERS...In any regard/respect I am  concerned about misguided "loop-holes" and ultimately the creatures who are being mistreated by such misguidance.  I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS, just the moment to extend these lines for what it may be worth.


THE FOOD CHAIN and the SLAVE CHAIN: grave mistakes(misunderstanding)  ~ This is NOT how it was meant to be.

If you happened to look out your window and see a SLAVE being whipped and then you see a bail of cotton in the garage and then you see a cotton shirt on your back; are you going to say :"That's how things are suppossed to be."

Similarly, if you look out your window and see an insect eaten by a bird and a bird eaten by a cat ~ are you going to be CONTENT with saying this is how things are suppossed to be?

Just because a "SYSTEM" is operating and it is observed in operation does not necessarilly mean that such a system is ETHICALLY appropriate.


I came to realize veganism has largely to do with NO RAPE. No rape of any type against/between all creatures. (no wrongful intrusions) Veganism is more than that in the sense of saying ~ it is UNDERSTANDING/realization and being really truthful to that stance. For example, someone can be on a vegetarian diet and not be raping any creature in any shape or form; yet still not necessarilly be vegan. Veganism is uptaking the stature and living truthfull in thought and pose.



I grew up in a society/culture which was not vegan. When someone is taught something and told by their parents that 'this is how we do it', as in some cases where their parents before them taught them.... well, it can be very difficult sometimes to break-thru and see the truth.

Murdering is wrong. I wouldn't want to be murdered would you? This question is a question we ask after saying to ourselves look into the eyes and see the situation, see the reality. Allow the real compassion to come thru, bring what is deep down inside of you to the surface.

Veganism and an evolutionary state of mind, it's a "more applicable" physical stance to exist as.  Truly, since I became vegan I have evolved in a  number of different ways. That’s what veganism kind of is. It’s a wiser ‘frame’ to exist within.

This statement always seemed like a simple way to convey a state of affairs:  "do what you want to do as long as you are not infringing upon another(remember: a cow is "another" as a cat, a mouse and a human etc.)


Do those on the VEGAN ROAD still make mistakes, well yes it's strange, it's a lot of times a result of the vegan in question ~ being in a "non-vegan" environment. Even in a TOTAL VEGAN world we still make mistakes, we just hope to diminish such over time.



Born into a rapeful society ~ you could not move if you were to try to avoid all contact and interaction with individuals who were doing rapes of other creatures. Sometimes stuff like : ROADS and BRIDGES and POWER COMPANIES etc.

Thinking logically:  theoretically the BURDENSOME WEIGHT would thought to be removed in some extent from the INDIVIDUAL who has made the effort to do what he can do to avoid WRONGLY EXPLOITING others... the weight moreover should be placed on those who continue to do the RAPES, doesn't that sound as if that's the way it should be? LEVELS



Realization of the Brainwash : In life when you are fed such disgusting substances which involve the rape and slaughter of animals since a young child, it sort of is exactly like a "brainwash" as the slang term implies itself.  It is disgusting when you think about it ; sucking on the tit of a cow , blood and murdered flesh. I'm sure if you think about it ~You could go on and on with examples of disgustingness and so I won't here.


When I was younger I DID NOT "know" about veganism, I wish I did. In other words I wish I learned sooner ~ or better yet I wish I was born into a world where I was taught that "murder" was "murder" regardless of the individual whose life was being taken in that wrongful way.

Think Peace.

Before I "awakened" I wrongfully CAGED animals like: hamsters, fish, lizards and others, and that was WRONG. (I was either given these animals or I bought them) If we need to "cage" a creature out of a defensive stance, well then that is another story, such should be done with ethical/appropriate motions.

Your parents can help you understand, or you may have to help your parents understand(we may have to come to understand together)... realize how wrong man has been to be MURDERING is a gross behavior of man.

I have the hope for other children being born now, and if we 'come back' here and there around the universe and that is how this whole LIFE thing works well then so be it ~ I have hope for myself....TO BE BORN INTO A NICE VEGAN WORLD.









START of : A letter to anyone who thinks they are VEGAN

Each of us may have friends/family who is/are not vegan. As vegans we understand the evolutionary way of the term "vegan" itself.....

The term vegan from what I know of the term and it’s origins can be traced back to and was coined out of a movement away from the "confused-vegetarian"(obviously when we sit to think about it, it's easy to see that milk-products and eggs are not really vegetarian-food, in that way...they are raped products)

Today again the "movement"(vegan) is under attack(perhaps it's the same as it ever was), there are some out there who are claiming veganism....who are NOT truly vegan. We need to set the record/stance/definition straight in order to PULL THRU and save the movement.

As a vegan it is obvious that you do not ingest animal products as we have risen BACK to that WISER stance. As a vegan individual it is OK to consume synthetics. It may not always be the wisest choice however it is what it is in the line of saying : "non-infringement" upon another.

I say this because I have seen textbooks with definitions of vegan which stated something like: "someone who does not consume animal products as well as chemical synthetics." The disease example is a perfect example, it illustrates a situation where : let’s say one of us had a disease/virus that was harmful....well, we’d want to defeat such right? ~ and so if a synthetic could be used(and we did not know of a plant based cure) to defeat the ailment, well then that is what we’d use. The fact is that we live in a world where synthetic, inorganic,  or organic substances may cause ailments...and so it would make sense that cures would come from those various arenas as well.   This being said, allow this as an opinionated noted point:  If I had the choice between eating a clean synthetic cookie or a clean plant based cookie(each tasting similar to the other) what would I choose? The choice is clear for me, give me the PLANT BASED COOKIE.

A vegan strives to not exploit others in as many ways possible, a vegan always thinks to the best of his/her ability concerning better ways to deal with any situation.

Some agencies who are VEGAN may have been on the vegan-road but then it looks like they got off on HUNTERS LANE or something... I have seen agencies recommend animals such as cats and dogs EAT MEAT!!! ~ for this they are clearly WRONG, any more awakened vegan would be throwing RED FLAGS all over the place, no time for a yellow card..... VEGANISM is for everyone ~ Whether you be man, mouse, cat, dog, bird, fish, cow, lizard etc etc.  Some are misguided on how they view animals of "the wild"..... The true notion of veganism is man’s intervention ~ perhaps separating out the ones who do not seem to get along.(we would not let a child molester loose to prey on children would we? Well,  then we should not allow lions to prey on zebras, if we have the ability. And as far as some AGENCIES views on advocating practices of involuntary "neutering/spaying" against others, I feel they  are wrong to advocate that stuff.  Despite what they tell you it is NOT HUMANE to force "neuter and spay" creatures out. We must think beyond, think of real solutions. Some of The agencies reasons for doing it are comparable to GENOCIDE.

My question is? ~ are people running agencies for alterior reasons -> it’s like perhaps some did not want to go all the way. A human being who is feeding cats/dogs who they are caring for animal products well that would be the same as feeding your human child animal products, and that would be inappropriate.  Are these agencies set up to sort of "test" people?

There are some who were born into vegan lifestyles by and thru appropriate parenthood in that way ~  the rest of us, well, we woke up by and thru various means. Each of us who is now vegan after awakening has most likely had to deal with people who were like we were before we woke up.

REMEBER I(the guy writing this) was once "non-vegan" and I CHANGED to the good-side, and so I have hope in vegan action or compassion over killing or the grocer... I do have faith and hope in people and agencies that they will change, just as I would hope that people would have had faith or hope in me to change, if I was doing something wrong.  

end of letter to "anyone who thinks they are vegan"

Remember you may be eating only plants, yet if you feed others "murdered-meat" you are not veganly aware, how could you be, you are still a part of the SLAUGHTER WHEEL and installing that BAD CHEMISTRY which will misdirect the FUNCTION of LIFE.












I applaud those who did/do make efforts in the way of VEGANISM and those who continue to think about better ways to go about it. I do not have all the answers. In life if you had nobody to help guide you it could be harder than having others to help guide you. Let us hope in "better guides" and remember be careful of "the misguided" as they may be leading you somewhere that you don't want to go.

I mean it(the applause) may mean nothing coming from me, I'm just a kid,  none the less  take it for what it is... I was once a person who did horrible things to other creatures and now I talk about it and look for answers as to why I did not see to be vegan sooner, and why others still do not seem to see thru...

BE VEGAN and spread the message...




For us in the Animal kingdom:   Veganism means that you are not going to go and wrongfully attack another individual.

BE VEGAN: nuts, beans...fruits vegetables PLANTS, YEAH!

As a vegan you evolve. You or I may say we are "vegans" but we have a lot to learn...the label itself which we give ourselves sort of "pulls us along", we learn everyday ~ LIFE IS FOR LEARNING.